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Crises are an expression of power. They arise from making malicious decisions against the people. FIAT money is the invisible arm of the great crises. Their logic lives in printing presses, where it’s produced non-stop every day of the year. In 2009, just after the economic crisis, Bitcoin was born as a vision for the financial future of the world. The BITCOIN protocol is unshakable, incorruptible. It is a technology that eliminates the possibility of being issued behind the backs of those who use it. It exists because has a community who produces and validates it collectively. This project is a tribute to the BITCOIN principle of authenticity: Is it possible to compel governments to dialogue on this new way of understanding exchanges? Can Contemporary Art open a political gap in the heart of our economies, forged with worthless paper money? What is, in short, a CLAY-BTC?     >More

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